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American Legion Scholarship Charity Event

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship

Since the inception of The American Legion Legacy Scholarship in 2001 following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, The American Legion has offered its support to the children of fallen post-9/11 service members through this scholarship. Beginning with the 2017 award year, The American Legion expanded the scholarship to include children of VA-rated, post-9/11 veterans with a disability of 50 percent or higher. Since 2006, American Legion Riders (ALR) nationwide have participated in the Legion Legacy Run to raise money annually for the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

The American Legion and ALR remain committed to honoring the memory and service of our fallen and disabled comrades by ensuring that their children are afforded the best possible educational opportunities.

This year, Addictions Tattoo & Art Studio, and our artists, in association with ALR Chapter 177 (Fairfax Va.), are once again honored to host the Second Annual American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund Tattoo Charity Event. The event will be held Aug. 7 from 10 am until 6 pm at Addictions Tattoo & Art Studio, located at 9814 Liberia Avenue, Manassas, VA 20112.

Our artists have created a wide range of ?flash? artwork for the event and are sure you?ll find something to your liking. All proceeds generated by the tattoo work will be donated to the Scholarship Fund. If you don?t want a tattoo, that?s fine; you can always donate to the Scholarship Fund to support the families of our injured and fallen service members.

There will also be several raffles for some beautiful patriotic items you won’t want to miss. In addition, several vendors will also be attending the event and donating 50 percent of all proceeds to the fund of any item purchased. We will be supplying food and drinks and plenty of good times. There is plenty of parking so please make plans to attend. We look forward to seeing you!!

Cosponsoring the event this year so far are;
III% United Patriots of Virginia
Hudson Woodworking and Restoration, Chantilly VA

We are talking to other business owners in Virginia to help sponsor the event. If you would like to support this effort in honoring our fallen and disabled service members and their families, please contact Addictions Tattoo & Art Studio at (703) 392 -TATT (8288).


As some of you may already know Thomas and Rebekah are expecting their little bundle of joy to make her entrance into the world sometime mid September. Everyone here at the shop is really excited and can?t wait for her to make her appearance. We wanted to do something for Thomas and Rebekah so we are going to hold a baby shower here at the Addictions Tattoo and Art Studio on Sunday, June 28 from 1pm till around 5pm. We will have refreshments and snacks so plan on stopping by and congratulating the soon to be new parents.? We have provided a link to their on line registry so you?ll know some of the things they still need for the baby http://www.amazon.com/gp/baby-reg/ref=?ie=UTF8&lid=2EI8RPB3LOUH2. Hope to see you all there!!

We Have HUSH GEL!!

For the last three months, we have been evaluating the effectiveness of a variety of Hush Products.? Our Artists have been working with their clients to get their feedback on just how effective Hush Gel and Hush Foam Soap are, and the feed back has been very positive.? Hush Gel helps to take away much of the discomfort associated with getting your tattoo (Art Work), especially in those sensitive areas.? The Hush Foam Soap is a huge plus during healing process as well.? As such Addictions Tattoo and Art Studio has made the investment to have these fantastic products available here at the shop for our customers.? Next time you stop by the shop be sure to ask your Artist about Hush.? We are including the link to their web site (www.hushanesthetic.com) so you can read up on the details and benefits of their product.? Hang in there everyone, spring is just around the corner!!!

1001 EYES by Robby Belch

eyeWanted to give everyone a little insight to what’s going on here at Addictions Tattoo.? We are still working out the details, but Robby Belch will be joining the?Addiction’s Tattoo Team.? We?will be making a major announcement soon but in the mean time he??has set up his photo studio here at Addictions and getting himself settled in.?? In any event, Robby has come up with a very interesting project call 1001 EYES.? Now I don’t want to let too much out of the bag yet, but did want to give everyone a little teaser.

Having a professional photographer like Robby Belch as part of the team here opens up a lot of options for those wanting to get some professional photographs of their tattoos, or for that matter virtually anything else.? So please, take time to stop by the shop and introduce yourself to Robby.? Be sure to ask about the 1001 EYES.

Chris Keener Update

As some of you already know Chris Keener, Addictions Tattoo and Art Studio apprentice?had some major?surgery just after Xmas.? Well, we are happy to announce that Chris has been released from the hospital today Jan 2, 2015 and is now resting at home. He still has a long road to recovery, but should be back to his old self in about 6 to 7 weeks.? Please take some time to say hi and wish him well on his recovery.

Get well soon Chris, we all here at Addictions miss your charming personality.

Addictions Tattoo crew.

Merry Christmas = TOYS AND TATTOOS

Thomas, one of our talented artists here at Additions Tattoo is going to raffle off three hours of his time toward a tattoo in exchange for toys to be?donated locally here in Manassas for Xmas. So to get your name in for the drawing just bring a toy to our shop here at 9814 Liberia Ave. for donation. Now there are some limitations on the items you can donate.? First is NO TOYS REQUIRING BATTERIS, NO LATEX ITEMS, or PEANUTS.? Other than that you’re good. Some of the better items would be movies for ages 2-18, blankets, pillows, books, Legos, dolls, etc.??All the items you bring?for donation must be new with tags.? Now if you bring five items for donation you’ll get your name in for the drawing 5 times.

If some what to just donate, please feel free to do so.? Addictions Tattoo will make all the arrangements to have the toys delivered in time for Xmas.


Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving Day Holiday

The shop will be closed on Thanksgiving Day except for confirmed appointments to allow everyone to enjoy this wonderful day with family and friends.? Addictions Tattoo and Art Studio would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving Day.

Incredible Photography

As most of you all know, we here at Addictions Tattoo and Art Studio, besides?being your premier tattoo studio also?have on display and for sale a variety of art work from some local artist.? Well we want to take a moment and introduce you to Robby Belch, a young man with an incredible talent for unique photography.? No need to say much, but rather post some of his work. One of the photos below is of my Ironhorse motorcycle that Robby took one Sunday morning (It is a picture of the print so not the best for viewing, so stop by the shop and see the real deal).? You really have to see the photo in person to appreciate the work he is able to do with his camera and processing techniques.

If you’ve ever though about showing the pride in your ride by getting a cool photo of your bike, or car or whatever, stop by the shop and get in touch with Robby.? We hope to?do some?future promotions of his work and actually holding an event here at the shop where you can bring your bike or car by and let Robby do his magic with his camera.




We’ve had a few kids hanging around the shop as we get closer to the Halloween holiday.? The picture below should give you some idea of what’s happening. With the help of these kids, Addictions Tattoo artist have come up with some vey unique and interesting flash for the holiday, so stop by and take a look.? Oh and don’t forget our one year anniversary party at Clarks Bar and Grill this coming Saturday night starting at 8 pm.? See you all there.